January 2014 Book Reviews

forgetting your troubles

January was a pretty random month.  I meant to only read my favorites but I ended up all over the place.  Plus I got sick and didn’t have a lot of energy to read. I am now working full time and that means I have time to read while on public transportation.  I actually got caught up in the last Harry Potter book though so a lot of that time was spent listening to the book  last month. I did go back to my favorites but I found a couple new series as well.

If you look at my Goodreads, you will see more books than this list but that is because I am still finding books that I have read but haven’t documented them.  I am 74 books away from 1000 books read!  I am hoping to make it over 1000 by the end of the year. I am probably already there but I can’t remember what books I have forgotten lol 🙂

my top 5

  1. The Husband List by Janet Evanovich
  2. Organizational Survival: Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future by Gregory BalestreroNathalie Udo
  3. False Profits by Patricia Smiley
  4. Lethal Outlook by Victoria Laurie  and Deadly Forecast by Victoria Laurie
  5. First Love by James Patterson
  6. A Spoonful of Sugar by Brenda Ashford

Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins – (Chic Lit – Mystery) – I started this book while on vacation. Its not really a Chic Lit book but more mystery.  There is a murder and of course a weird group of people are involved and interconnected.  A fun read that takes you from Beverly Hills, to penthouses in NYC and clubs in Vegas. A good vacation read.

Black Cherry Blues by James Lee Burke – (Mystery)  I was a little disappointed in this book, overall I liked it but it was a little too long.  I will keep on this series and see where it takes us.

The Husband List by Janet Evanovich – (Chic Lit) SUPER Cute book 🙂 It’s more than you think because its actually based in the late 1800s when women had very little choice in who they would marry.  I love stories where women go against the system and this is one of them. Another great vacation read.

April in Paris by Michael Wallner – (Historical Fiction) This book is based in Naxi occupied Paris.  A young German falls in love with a french revolutionist. It starts out a little weird but it could be the translation.  Great look into the occupation and life in Paris at the time. Fast and very interesting read.

The Last Empress by Anchee Min – (Non Fiction ?) Actually another disappointment.   A good friend of mine read this book first, before the book by Jung Chang which I reviewed last year.  She recommended this book but it wasn’t available by book so I listened to it audibly. This book was more fluff than fact and I felt like it left a lot of the good stuff out. I might have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t read the other one.  So note – Read this first!

Lethal Outlook by Victoria Laurie – (Paranormal Mystery) I LOVE this series and apparently I was two behind. If you like mysteries and psychics than you will love this series!

The Devil Inside by Jenna Black – (Paranormal) In this world there are legal and illegal demons on earth. Sexy but not super erotic with lots of mystery, adventure and drama!  My favorite kind of weekend book.

False Profits by Patricia Smiley – (Light Mystery)  Another great random find! A fun mystery with silly characters that you would want as your friends.  I read this as a book book, I hope this series continues and eventually becomes and ebook but for now its a good excuse to visit my local library.

Deadly Forecast by Victoria Laurie – (Paranormal)  Another great book in the series!  The author did something different and really cool in this book.  She also included characters from her other series. A fun fast read that keeps you on the edge of your seat so don’t start it before going to bed.

The Devil You Know and The Devil’s Due  by Jenna Black – (Paranormal) Always a good question or theory.  Why change to something you don’t know?  This series just keeps getting better.  Enough intrigue, sex, drama and demons to keep every paranormal fan happy.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook by Duncan Levy – (YA)  This is great collection of all of the spells used in the Harry Potter series. I am really impressed with the research and the details the author used.  This is a fun book to use to act as wizards.  You have all the goodies!

A Spoonful of Sugar by Brenda Ashford – (Nonfiction) This a real life Mary Poppins story, a real British nanny who served during WWII. Really interesting story!!

First Love by James Patterson – (Fiction) Even though I cried through the last couple of chapters and its pretty predictable I still really liked this book. Great story of an adventure across the US.

Organizational Survival: Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future by Gregory BalestreroNathalie Udo – (NonFiction) WOW!  I was reading this book for a friend and as research for my work in Reshoring.  Its a must read for ALL business people at all levels.  How can you help your company be more sustainable?  This book has a lot of great example of how companies are already leading the way.  It also has strategies to help your company – regardless of the size!  Add this to your must read business books!

The Remains of The Dead by Wendy Roberts – (Paranormal) This is a creepy gory book but also fun! A woman who cleans up after death also sees and talks to ghosts and of course….sexual tension!  A fun read but if you don’t like reading about blood, guys and the insects that love that stuff than this book might not be for you.

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