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I have had so many nights like this so I had to stop reading my favorite authors during the week. I have even dreamed about books and woke up super early to read. I love this feeling while I am reading but it makes for rough mornings during the week. Spy Girl by Jillian Dodd did that to me this month but luckily I saved it till Saturday.
Summer isbeach emoji starting soon! If you are looking for a great book to take on vacation check out the books below with the fun beach emoji. Apparently i was on a royalty and billionaire kick this month…I wonder what that says about me.


top5 gold

  1. Spy Girl by Jillian Dodd
  2. Throne for a Loop by Jenny Gardiner
  3. Stepping Up by Maggie M. Larche
  4. Southern Spirits by Angie Fox
  5. Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof

Half the Sky Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof

As a woman I am automatically a supporter of women’s rights but if I wasn’t, after reading this book I would be. There is some controversy about this book but in general I think it covers all of the issues women in developing countries face including; sex trafficking, rape, early pregnancy and more. It’s heart breaking and eye opening even for people who already support women’s rights. There are many ways to help and this book touches on a few of them.

Destination Unknown Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie

I chose this book randomly thinking it would be part of a series but it turns out to be a stand alone book. I listened to it audibly and the narrator was pretty good and in general I liked the book. It was an interesting mystery but certainly dated.  Next Agatha Christie book will be a Miss Marple.


Strangely, Incredibly Good by Heather Grace Stewart – (Chic Lit) Cute and funny read with a touch of magic. Great for the beach. beach emoji

The Ghost with the Green Thumb by Maggie M. Larche – (YA) Super cute with a touch of magic and romance for young readers. I loved the characters and their adventures. Great summer book for middle school and up!

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen – (Chic Lit) I started this book thinking it was something else but ended up loving it! More twists and turns then you would expect from a chic lit book and not because the main characters did something stupid (which makes me crazy).

Stepping Up by Maggie M. Larche – (YA) I LOVED this book. I got super emotional towards the end and I was so proud of the characters. I am always looking for a certain feeling when I read and this book gave it to me. This author is great for writing books with great story lines with a little bit of romance and suspense. Great summer read for middle school and up!

Impulse by E.B. Walters – (Romance) This is NOT your typical billionaire love story (thankfully). This one is more fun, with a zany kick ass woman and the man isn’t some crazy guy with issues. Instead he is a part of a group that helps those who need it. Fun, fast read without the issues, drama and breakup nonsense you get in other books like this.

Miss Match by Catherine Avril Morris – (Chic Lit) Fun, fast but annoying read. I liked the idea and the characters but it got annoying towards the end. It could just be me though…I am a little done with this type of storyline. We like each other but then the guy (or girl) does something stupid and then we break up and all the drama that goes with that.

Spy Girl by Jillian Dodd– (Suspense) This book hit all my buttons! Kick ass female, travel and a prince! Super fun, fast read that leaves the reader asking for more… This would be a great beach read! beach emoji

Crushed by Kasi Blake – (YA Paranormal) I liked this book until the end and it has a little mean girl feel. Fun fast read but I won’t be reading the rest of the series.

Command Me by Geneva Lee – (Erotic) If you read enough of these books they start to sound familiar. Rich guy meets poor girl, they have a connection and then have hot, steamy and sometimes weird sex. The guy has issues, the girl wants to save the guy so the guy scares the girl off…to be continued… If you don’t mind reading another book like this then you will like this…and the next five books in the series.

There’s Something About Her by by Z.L. Arkadie – (Romance) Fun fast read with a love triangle and billionaires…

Southern Spirits by Angie Fox – (Paranormal) Super fun, fast read with a goofy main character, a prohibition era ghost and a hunky cop. Suspenseful and funny.

The Beauty Series by Skye Warren – (Retelling Fairy Tales) A little erotic and the beast isn’t too beastly…

Throne for a Loop by Jenny Gardiner – (Chic Lit) You already know I love this series and the latest book didn’t disappoint! beach emoji

Alexander & Rebecca by Marianne Knightly – (Romance) Another royalty book but I really liked this one! Fun, fast read with great characters and a story line that doesn’t make you crazy. beach emoji

The Tuscan’s Revenge Wedding by Jennifer Blake – (Romance) Another billionaire romance but it was cute and had a great ending.

Misplaced Princess by Mari Carr – (Romance) Not really a princess but still a fun, fast read with a Australia cowboy to boot!  beach emoji

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  1. mmlarche says:

    Thank you so much for including Stepping Up and the Ghost with the Green Thumb! I love perusing your monthly lists for suggestions on what to read next. 🙂


    1. daisiehobson says:

      I loved them! I am reading the Mardi Gras Chase to my niece now and he loves it 🙂 It’s summer so catch up on fun beach reads! (and writing of course)


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