Recommendations – Chic Lit

Chic Lit is my guilty pleasure and I mostly save these for reading on the beach.  They are usually short and fun!  Sure they make me yearn for a romance like in the books but then I remember…ITS FICTION!  Shit like that doesn´t happen in real life…its fun to pretend tho 🙂

Fairy Tales – Retold

I just started reading books like this.  (I think I am influenced but all the movies and TV series that are out now.)  Really interesting twists to our favorite classics!  I would consider them Chic Lit because they are short fun romances…

Lunar Chronicles  by Marissa Meyer – Loved it and can´t wait for the next in the series! Action packed with a touch of romance.

Beastly by Alex Finn – She has written a few other books…can´t wait to read

Chic Lit

Fortune Hunter Series by Christine Hunter

Elizabeth Beverly – My Man Pendleton, How to Trap a Tycoon etc… The woman characters are usually strong-willed feisty women.  Super fun!

Diary of a Blues Goddess by Erica Orloff – A transvestite, hunted house and good ol fashion New Orleans Blues…what more can you ask for?

Lucy Valentine Series by Heather Webber – Lucy is a psychic who has a Match Making business!  Love the series…super cute

Sophie Katz Series by Kyra Davis – Based in San Francisco, a mixed african american/jewish women writer who solves mysteries in her spare time to help her family.  The names are awesome like: Sex Murder and a double Latte

LA Candy and Fame Game Series by Lauren Conrad – Lauren Conrad was in a reality TV show and now she writes novels about it….very interesting to learn how much reality is really in those shows.

Rachel Gibson – Her characters are zany and crazy!  I´ve read several of her books and enjoyed them all!

Wendy Wax – How can you go wrong with titles like Leave it to Cleavage and Hostile Makeover?

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