Recommendations – Paranormal

This will probably be the longest and most difficult to write.  There are soooo many different types of Paranormal books out there.  To be honest I wasn´t really a fan of this genre until a couple of years ago.  Yes, it started with Twilight…I blame my sister Maisie for that one and the True Blood series…that one I blame my friend Shannon.  From there I got into the more sexy ones…thanks to Tiara.  Regardless, I totally got into the genre and enjoy finding and reading new series.  I found that even within this genre there are sub genres so I will break it down into my own categories.

You never know what you will get when you start a new series… I usually add the first couple books in the series to my reader and I read the first chapter or so to see if I am in the mood for that one.  Again, most of these books I read while traveling but I like to read them in between mysteries too.

Paranormal Light

These books probably could be in my Chic Lit category but since they are about witches, vampires, psychics etc…they are in Paranormal Light

Accidental Witch and Triplet Witch Series by Annette Blair – Hilariously funny!  The two series are actually related so read the Accidental Witches first!

Pepper Martin Series by Casey Daniels – Main character hits her head on a gravestone and now she can see and talk to dead people.  Of course now she has to help them solve mysteries

Charlaine Harris – She has four different series and they are all pretty good.  The Sookie Stackhouse Series is what True Blood is based, its sexy but not as sexy as the TV series.  Aurora Teagarden series has ghosts and stuff but the main character is funny. I like the Harper Connelly series a lot.  A girl and her brother help people find the dead and how they died.  The Lily Bard series incorporates Shakespeare.

An Accidental Series by Dakota Cassidy – Hilarious books!  How do you accidentally become a werewolf, human, or demon…these books explain it all!!

Demon Hunter Soccer Mom Series by Julie Kenner – Could you balance raising a family and trying to save the world from demons at the same time?

Katie MacAlister – Dragons, Guardians and Vampires.  She has four series but they all intertwine with each other.  You could be reading a Vamp book and a Guardian or Dragon shows up to help.  Lots of time spent in Europe especially Scotland.  I really really like these books, very funny!

Love at a Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks – Love these!  There are several what I would call “family series” where when one person finds love…their whole family and friends do too.  These are a little lighter than the others…not as sexy but funnier.  Great names like Vamps and the City, Eat Prey Love, Sexiest Vampire Alive…lots of humor, reality shows and fun!

Rachel  Morgan Series by Kim Harrison  – Another one of my favorites.  I put it in this category because it makes me laugh a lot but I could have put it under KISS ASS WOMAN too.  Rachel lives with an undead vampire and a gazillion pixies!  This series is funny, action packed and a tad sexy…it has it all!

Dead End Dating Series by Kimberly Raye – A vampire starts a dating service for supes!  She and her family are crazy!

Hex Series by Linda Wisdom – Witches and vampires…do they really mix?  Funny books

A Blood Coven Vampire Series by Mari Mancusi – More young adult.  A teen gets made into a vampire by accident…its her twin sister that wants to be…drama especially when that twin becomes a vampire slayer.

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta – Another accidental vampire series but these are funny because the author who is Latina writes a Latina character so you have all those fun characteristics and Spanish thrown in there.

Immortality Bites Series by Michelle Rowen – Ditsy vampire

Molly Harper – Very fun light chic lit type books about vamps, werewolves etc…

Victoria Laurie – Two series…one a psychic and the second a ghost hunter.  I love both of them!!

Vampire Queen Betsy by Mary Janice Davidson – Hilarious if not at times stupid series about a ditsy woman who becomes vampire queen and her sister is the spawn of Satan. Pure stupid entertainment.

Family Series

Not sure what else to call this kind of series…its where one person finds their soul mate, mate, beloved or whatever they call it and then their friends and family do too.  Most Vampire series are like this but these are the ones that aren´t super sexy.

The Argeneau Vampires by Lynsay Sands – Mostly based in Canada but travels around the world.  These are stories about vamps in today´s world looking for love…or not but it finding it anyway.  In between finding love they are saving the world from bad vamps of course.  I know it sounds like other vamp family series but these are a must read.

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole – I just started this series and I really like it.  Its not only Vampires and Werewolves but also Valkyrie…kick ass women immortals.  Its funny because they are all hooking up with each other even though they are enemies…

Carpathian Series by Christine Feehan – I started this series but haven´t gotten into it yet.  This is more of the Dracula type vampires so far from what I gather from the first book.  This series came recommended so I will try to read some of the newer ones to see if I can get into them.

Twilight Series by Maggie Shayne – I flew through these books! In between falling in love they are fighting an evil organization that is trying to duplicate vamp powers.  One crazy ancient Egyptian vampire and even crazier French one, one who turns into a bat…makes a very entertaining series with ties back to Dracula!

KICK ASS WOMEN and one kick ass man

Anita Blake Series by Laurell Hamilton – Anita Blake is a BAD ASS!  I read the first five or so books while on vacation and they captivated me!  There was so much going on…so much drama and action it was amazing!  The books started getting sexier and sexier tho…before there was like 15% sex and then it seemed like it was 85%.  It got to be a little much so I took a break.  She has like 20 books or so now and I think after book 10 or so is when they go over the top but I read the latest book Kiss the Dead and the sex wasn´t as prominent.  Maybe only 25%.  Don´t get me wrong I like sexy books…but some of these were over the top.  Totally a must read if you like books were women kick ass…vampire, witch, werewolf, demons…no one is immune to Anita!

Kitty Series by Carrie Vaughn – Kitty is a radio personality that is outed as a werewolf while on the air.  She´s a forced to be bad ass because she is forced to solve crimes, stand up for other shifters etc…

Elemental Assassin Series by Jennifer Estep – Gin is a killer for hire until she is double crossed then she only kills people who deserve it.  Action packed!!  All the regular characters but this focuses more on elemental magic (fire, earth etc…) than vamps, shifters etc…

Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neil – Very different take on vampires…they live and are governed by houses.  Of course the main character is a reluctant vampire but once she excepts who she is she is bad ass!

Riley Jenson Series by Keri Arthur – Half Vampire Half Werewold Riley is a bad ass and Super sexy!  She and her twin brother have extra powers due to be mixed.  Action packed and very sexy!

The Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine – Witches and Wizards who control the weather…or not.

Zodiac Series by Vicki Pettersson – TOTALLY DIFFERENT SERIES…its about Super Heros!  Yes, like from comic books.  Their stories are even recorded in comic books and the kids that read them funnel power to the heros.  These are based in Vegas so its even more entertaining.  Of course its the good fighting the bad and trying to keep the balance.  But who really is good?

Sister´s of the Moon Series by Yasmine Galeron – Three sisters, a witch, a vampire and a werecat trying to save both earth and the Other world (fae people).  Action packed and a tad sexy.

Dresden Files by Jim Butcher – My one bad ass guy!  He´s a wizard in Chicago that has to solve all the supernatural problems they have.  Action packed (but sometimes too wordy).  All kids of supernatural, paranormal creepy characters.  Great reads

Super Sexy

These books aren´t too much different than the Family Series or  the Kick ASS women ones but they are very very sexy…especially the first couple of books.  Some of them calm down but others keep it up.

The Brotherhood Series by JR Ward – These vamps are bad ass and super sexy!  They are super hero protectors of the vampire communities.  Super sexy but also action packed!

The Midnight Breed Series by Laura Adrian – Very similar to the Brotherhood series but thier lifemates usually have magical powers and the vamps origins are actually from outerspace.  Weird but I like the storylines.

Meredith Gentry Series by Laurell Hamilton – This is her faery series and they are super sexy of course…because thats what faeries do!

Karmic Consultants by Vivi Andrews – Psychics who can do specific tasks hook up with disbelievers… fun sexy reads.

Circe´s Recruits by Marie Harte – These are super sexy!  Lots of threesomes etc… Interesting stories but not sure you read them for the stories. She rights other sexy books but these are her paranormal series

Incubus Enforcers by Mahalia Levey – These are written by a friend of mine and are HOT HOT HOT!  She creates a great world thats alive vibrant and super sexy!  Her other books are also super sexy!

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