November Book Reviews

if you read only the books...

This month I really didn’t read anything that blew my mind and apparently I was really into Chic Lit books.  I think part of that is due to me reading the Empress Dowager book which was really long (but really interesting). The quote above really resonated with me. Even though I do try to read the popular books I have found some pretty awesome books that not everyone is reading.  If you have a book that you would suggest that I read and/or review please let me know.

A few of my favorite authors released books this month and of course they were awesome…which leads me to my TOP Five….


  1. Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich
  2. One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands
  3. Sycamore Row by John Grisham
  4. Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid
  5. Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane

Sycamore Row by John Grisham – (Lawyer) This is a follow up book to A Time to Kill which they made into a movie with Mathew McConaughey. It’s funny because while I am reading it I see him in my head…which isn’t a bad visual 😉 Other than that it was a pretty good book.  I do have to say that some places were a little slow and the ending felt rushed. There probably could have  been a better balance but it’s worth reading if you are a JG fan.

One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands – (Paranormal) LS never disappoints!  I wish Margarete would find a me a mate. These books are full of suspense and great story lines. There isn’t a whole lot of…oh I don’t want to be with a vampire…or I love him but I am going to be stupid and run away.  It’s not super sexy either.  They are a great balance of suspense, drama, mystery and romance.

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid – (Chic Lit) I couldn’t put this book down! There is some of that annoying…no I don’t think I am good enough for someone so sexy…but other than that its a fast fun read. You really want to cheer for Janie because she is such an adorable random character.

Mark of a Witch by Maggie Shayne – (Paranormal) I really liked MS’s Wing’s of the Night series so I thought I would try this one.  I really liked how the main character was tied to the past.

Lush by Lauren Dane – (Chic Lit) I read most of the Brown Sibling’s series last month and this is a spin off of that series.  Fun and fast read.

Leaping Hearts by Jessica Bird – (Romance) A completely random book but it was pretty good.  If you love horses than you will love this book.

Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid – (Chic Lit) I really love this series and can’t wait till the next one!  They are real page turners that you can’t put down!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – (YA) This book was two books in one. The main character was writing a Harry Potter type book and trying to survive her freshman year at college. A love triangle, an absentee mother and a crazy roommate.  That about sums it up!

Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane – (Paranormal) Since I loved LD’s other series I thought I would check this series out.  If you love witches than this series is for you!  A fast read which grips you from the beginning.

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich – (Mystery) Janet didn’t disappoint…unless you are as anxious as I am for Stephanie to chose between Ranger or Joe.  I was texting quotes from this book to my friends as I was reading it!  A hilarious fast read!! If you are heading to the beach grab as many of these books that you can.

Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane – (Paranormal) So I have always been team Jacob or team werewolf…I would much rather have a warm sexy werewolf than a cold hard vampire. This book has made me fall in love with Lycian – the immortal version of werewolves! They are family men, who brings home the bacon and fries it up in a pan and will fill up your gas tank without being asked. Oh and are warm and cuddly.  LOVED this book…it gave me unrealistic but fantastic dreams.

Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas -(Chic Lit) Another random read but it wasn’t as predictable as you would think.  There as a love triangle and it was hard to chose but I agree with the direction she went. Another great beach read.

Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China – (NF) A friend of mine has been asking me to read about the Empress Dowager for a while now and I though this was the book she was recommended but it wasn’t.  Having said this…this book was VERY interesting and you can tell the author did a lot of research.  She really did a LOT for China including opening up the port and bringing telegraphs and railroads to China  to name a few. Some parts are faster than others but in general this book is very interesting and worth reading if you are interested in China.

The Marriage Trap and The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst- (Chic Lit) Fast fun reads. Not super realistic but they are great beach reads.

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