May 2014 Book Reviews

1000 Books

I officially hit the 1000 book mark on Goodreads this month!  I know I have read more but being official means a lot. Besides where was Goodreads 30 years ago when I started reading.  I am sure there are many books that I can’t even remember I have read. I know there is one series that hasn’t been accounted for but I can’t remember which ones I have read and which ones I haven’t.

When I posted that I had read 1000 books on Facebook someone asked me if I had a favorite.  That was a hard decision but bottom line – Harry Potter will always be on the top of the list, followed by the Hunger Games and then James Patterson. I am always on the look out for the next HP, HG and JP.  I think that is part of the reason I read so much…



  1. Unlucky 13 by James Patterson
  2. Ready to Be a Thought Leader by Denise Brosseau
  3. The Target by David Baldacci
  4. Honor and Innocence by Glen Thomas Hierlmeier
  5. Manroot by A.N. Steinberg

The Target by David Baldacci – (Mystery) Will Robie #3 The third in an action packed series about assassins with a heart…or at least not a black one. I would recommend reading all of them in a row, I think the author does a good job or catching the reader up but it would be even better all in a row

Kisser by Stuart Woods – (Mystery) Not my favorite Stone Barrington (#17) but as always it was a fast read and entertaining. All of the favorite characters return…

Unlucky 13 by James Patterson – (Mystery) Women’s Murder Club #13 – A thrill ride from the beginning! JP didn’t disappoint. If you aren’t already a fan you will be.

Missing You by Harlan Coben – (Mystery) Not a part of a series but I wouldn’t mind if it became one.  Full of lots of twists and turns and it doesn’t let you down. Great characters and a wild ride!

Reamde by Neal Stephenson – (Fiction) This book was recommended to me and it took two turns to finish it.  Starts out slow but is interesting in the beginning especially if you know anything about gaming.  When its on its ON but there is a lot of “verbal vomit” in between. Easy enough to skim through it but really…does the book really need to be that long?  I would recommend to gamers…but do they have time to read?

Honor and Innocence by Glen Thomas Hierlmeier – (Historical Fiction) This book takes a look at WWII from a different angle – after the war ended. It’s easy to forget that there was still a lot to do after peace was declared. A little romance with a lot of history and intrigue.  A great read for everyone!

Manroot by A.N. Steinberg – (Historical Fiction) This book grips you from the beginning and keeps you locked in. If you believe in magic this book will have you entering a new world where magic heals and tempts you.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader by Denise Brosseau – (Non Fiction) I read this book straight through to get an idea of what a thought leader was, how it pertains to me and can I be one? It is a fast inspirational read but it’s a book that you will want to use as more of a guide. I loved the examples and the step by step guide on how to discover what your passion is, who your cheerleaders are and how you can be a thought leader.  It has definitely inspired me.

Game Set Match by Nina Malone – (Chic Lit) After all the mysteries I needed a light book. This book was super cute with a strong main character who will fight for her family. Great beach read 🙂

Be Careful What You Watch For by Jeffrey Archer – (Historical Fiction) Apparently this is the 4th book in a series. Although you don’t really know why Martinez hates them so much it wasn’t hard to love this book without knowing the back story. It ended with a cliff hanger which is frustrating and unnecessary but other than that I really liked it.  I might go back and read the predecessors.

Beauty and the Black Sheep by Jessica Bird – (Chic Lit) Another super cute beach read. I liked the main character and her strength and resolve.

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