September 2015 Book Reviews

beach_and_books0I love the picture above – it’s a great idea!  I took over 100 books with me to Aruba but not everyone plans like I do 🙂

It’s officially fall now and it may be too late for beach reads but book mark this page for your trips to the beach this winter or next summer. I may want to change the name from Beach Reads to Travel Reads. I have done a lot of traveling the last couple of months (I am currently in Laos) and while traveling I like to read lighter books. I will try to keep the selection varied though so that everyone who reads this blog can find something they would like to read.


  1. The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading
  2. Cocktail Series by Alice Clayton
  3. Suddenly Royal Series by Nichole Chase
  4. The Heir by Kiera Cass
  5. Dream Makers Series by Vivan Arend

The Forbidden Billionaire by JS Scott – (Chic Lit) Second book in this series based in Maine and each time I have wanted to visit! I really like this series and it is free with Kindle Unlimited.

Suddenly Royal Series by Nichole Chase – (Chic Lit)  Yes, I am cheesy, I loved the Princess Diaries and the first book in this series is similar in concept but on an adult level (vs YA). I got the first book for free from Barnes and Noble and I liked it so much I bought the next two!! A great series for anyone who would like to wake up Royal on day…

The Girl by Lola St. Vil – (YA) Book 1 in Guardian Series – Very fun and action packed series about Guardian Angels, Extreme Sports, love, fate and other drama. Great book for teens who like action and adventure but don’t want a lot of mushy stuff…

Cocktail Series by Alice Clayton – (Chic Lit) I couldn’t get enough of this series!  It’s based mostly in San Francisco (where I live) which was fun and the characters made it even better!  Fun, fast, funny, sexy and lovable…my favorite characteristics for a beach read.

Properly Spanked Series by Annabel Joseph – (Historical Romance) This series isn’t for the faint at heart.  Not quite BDSM and the spanking had me very uncomfortable at times but it was interesting combination of this “lifestyle” and life in the 1790s. Personally, I don’t think I could deal with it but to each their own… I recommend this book if you are looking for a super sexy read and something not quite “vanilla”.

Fairweather Sisters by Anya Wylde – (Historical Romance) This series was hysterical and endearing! Fun fast reads perfect for the beach or travel.

Redhead Series by Alice Clayton – (Chic Lit) Everyone wants to date a movie star until they do and then they have no personal lives and can you really trust them? This series takes you through the ups and downs of being famous and dating someone who is. It was fun and romantic and really pulls at your heart strings…

Naked Greed by Stuart Woods – (Light Mystery) Stone Barrington is back in action in book #34. Still a sarcastic ladies man that is continually running from bad guys.  Not his best work but Stone fans will not be disappointed.

The Flying Circus by Susan Crandall – (Historical Fiction Audible) The narration was just ok but the story was very interesting! If you love books about life after WWI, airplanes, dogs who ride on motorcycles and love triangles then you will love this book.

Sprinkled by Gina LaManna – (Light Mystery) This book has you laughing from the first page where it shows you Lacey’s resume. Current: Mobster in Training and 1 NIGHT: MISERABLY FAILED STRIPPER.  If you are a fan of Stephanie Plum you will like Lacey’s zany character.

Dream Makers Series by Vivan Arend – (Chic Lit) Another series that I basically inhaled! First one was free from Barnes and Noble and it was so good I bought the rest!! Based in San Francisco and features Army Rangers…what else do you need? I loved the main characters, the idea of Dream Makers and the storylines. Fun, fast and sexy…perfect for the beach and travel.

Teaching the Boss by Mallory Crowe – (Chic Lit) Typical billionaire romance with a little heart endearing twist. Fast fun read…

Fresh Temptation by Reeni Austin – (Chic Lit) Another billionaire romance book with just an average hard working woman…every woman’s fantasy?

The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark – (Light Mystery) I’ve read MHC for years. This book continues her legacy with a mystery, a potential romance and crazy characters. Fast read.

Free Fall by Tess Oliver – (Chic Lit) When it’s meant to be it will be. I was really cheering for the main characters, they have both been through a lot and they deserve each other. If you like your romances a little dark, not Erotica dark but tattoos and motorcycles, then you will love this book/series.

Fourplay by Jane Moore – (Chic Lit) Fun book, I liked the main character and her search for love was portrayed accurately but I was little annoyed with the divorcee angst.  Although, I probably would have felt and acted the same way she did…but that’s why it’s fiction right?

The Heir by Kiera Cass – (YA) #4 in the Selection series which I LOVED!!! I wish I would have waited to read it until the others are released though because I am dying to know what happens!

Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey – (Historical Fiction Audible) Sometimes it takes an unexpected adventure to help you figure out what you want out of life and that is what our main character gets. Take a walk through Paris and France, past and present, to solve the mystery… Great book for lovers of historical fiction, WW2 and strong women characters.

The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading – (Middle Grade Children’s Book) I loved this book so much I bought the book book for each of my nieces! If you love dragons, magic, weird fairy takes and adventures you will love this book! It’s written for children but I enjoyed it…then again I am still a kid at heart.

Love Handles by Gretchen Galway – (Chic Lit)  Super cute book! If you liked Ugly Betty you will like this book but instead of the secretary she is the owner.  Fun fast read!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed reading the dragon of the month club! We’ll be sure to send you the next book in the series once it’s released.


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